Intelligent Addressable Zone and Siren Module, Built-in Isolator



  • EN54-18 and EN54-17 Certified
  • 32 detectors per zone and unlimited buttons
  • Built-in Isolator
  • 4 LED indicators

Other Informations

TFM-1661 Conventional Zone and Siren Module is designed to be used with TFP-12xx series addressable fire alarm panels and allows the use of conventional devices in the addressable system, which can transmit alarm and fault information via the loop in a zonal sense and gives a siren output. The device is supports built-in isolator to protect the loop line against short circuit.

For the conventional input status, the user can choose between the event types “Alarm, Evacuation, Reset, Silent, Fault, None”. It is also possible to select from “Siren, General Siren, General Fault, Zonal Alarm, Zonal Siren, Zonal Fault, None” event types for siren output. The module has 24V external power supply input. The external supply is used for the supply of conventional devices and the siren
outputs. The external supply is supervised for interruptions on power.