Intelligent Addressable Heat Detector Built-in Isolator


  • EN54-5 and EN54-17 Certified
  • Supports 2X NTC to ensure more accurate and precise temperature measurement
  • Supports Built-in Isolator 
  • Supports A2S or A2R Detection
  • Supports 2x LED indicators enabling 360° view
  • Supports three different colors of indication by LEDs to individually display Status, Fire Alarm, Short-Circuit and Pollution (Blink Blue/Red/Fixed Blue/Yellow)
  • Supports Parallel indicator connection terminal
  • Aesthetic and elegant design fits any environment
  • Optional Label apparatus can be installed to the bottom of detector base view detector address from distance

Other Informations

TFD-1261 Detectors uses heat detection technologies to sense fire and it can be connected two-wired loop circuit carrying both data and power. It uses FlashLink communication protocol to communicate Teknim Addressable control panels. It has a series of algorithms to minimize faulty detections.

Detector can work as Fixed Heat or Heat Rise which can be selected from control panel or configuration software and complies with EN54-5 and EN54-17.