Teknim Addressable Fire Alarm Monitoring Software



* Connection to one or more panels via Ethernet connection
* Graphic interface view
* Display of POP-UP alarm information in case of an alarm
* Transition between maps in case of multiple fire alarms and graphical viewing of event location
* Remote command sending for cases requiring intervention (Buzzer silence, siren silence, evacuation, reset)

* Multiple map format support (.png, .bmp and .jpeg)
* Device addition on the map by drag-drop feature
* Display/save unlimited number of event logs by filtering (.txt, .xlxs, .pdf)
* Multi-language support (Turkish, English, …)

Other Informations

TFY-2000 is a monitoring and control software with an easy use and management specifically developed for graphical monitoring and control of fire, warning and error events within Teknim fire alarm system.

It has two modes, design and monitoring. Design mode is project creation mode where new graphic maps are added to the project and devices are placed on the added maps. Monitoring is the mode in which created monitoring project communicates with the panel.