Conventional Multi Detector (Optical Smoke and Fixed Heat)



  • LPCB Approved
  • EN54-7 and EN54-5 Certified, CE and UKCA Listed
  • Detects Smoke Particles in the Environment via Light Scatter Principle
  • Detector Classified as A2S for Heat Detection 
  • Supports 2x LED Indicators Enables 360° view
  • Two Different Colors of Indication by LEDs to Individually Display Error and Alarm Conditions (Blue/Red)
  • Special Software Algorithms to Eliminate Sudden Dust, Smoke, etc.
  • Which May Cause Faulty Alarms
  • Supports Parallel Indicator Connection Terminals
  • Easy to Clean Smoke Chamber
  • Aesthetic and Elegant Design Fits any Environment
  • Compatible with any Brand of Conventional Fire Panel

Other Informations

TFD-4250 Conventional Optical Smoke + Heat Detector uses optical and heat sensing technologies. Detector has a series of algorithms developed to minimize faulty detections.
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