TFA-0135 Heater for Deep Base


The TFA-0135 is a heater that must be installed inside the TFA-0130 Deep base and is used to raise the temperature of the base. It is intended for use in environmental conditions where freezing or condensation can occur on the detector base, potentially leading to false alarms. Its purpose is to raise the temperature of the connected detector by a few degrees, thus preventing issues caused by condensation in the sensing chamber or on the electronics.
General Features
•It is used with external power supply Teknim TPU series.
•The ability to prevent issues that may arise from cold, humidity, or condensation.
•The ability to increase the temperature of the connected detector by a few degrees based on environmental conditions.
•The ability to limit the risk of potential damage or loss of functionality in installed products

Other Informations

Technical Specifications

Voltage 20 ~ 24 V
Current Draw 110 mA
 Max. Power 2,6 W
 Resistance 220 R
 Dimensions 44.5 mm x 18 mm x 30 mm
 Weight 9 g
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