Pars Series Alarm Control Panel, Onboard LAN Ethernet


» Onboard Ethernet Module
» 8+8 Programmable Zone
» 1x PGM Output
» 10X User Codes
» 256X Event Memory
» 2 different Alarm Monitoring Center Support (Ademco Contact ID, SIA)
» 2 Different ARC Number Support for each ARC

» 4X Partition Support
» 2x Weekly Programmable Calendar
» User Authorization Restriction
» Transformer Included in Panel Box
» Mobile Application Support (Android and IOS

Other Informations

TSP-5208N are the new members of Teknim Pars Series Alarm Systems and it has been designed to provide the opportunity to use TEKNIM ALARM MOBILE APPLICATION FREE over existing internet for users who do not want to bear the costs of SIM cards. It provides fast, continuous, and uninterrupted communication with alarm receiving centers (ARCs). Thanks to its communication by accessing the internet via Ethernet, communication problems arising from land line infrastructures are prevented and it provides secure communication without the need to pay a separate fee for communication.

It allows users to instantly monitor and control the alarm system by TEKNIM ALARM MOBILE APPLICATION. Users can use many features free of charge, including arm-disarm the system, accessing unlimited event history via the mobile application. It can be selected which situations will be received as push notification. For example, zone failure, battery low warning, battery failure, bypass, program entered-exited, etc. The user can receive many events as instant notifications and monitor the healthy functioning of the system for years. Alarm panels with Ethernet inputs can meet high security needs with their redundant operation features. In case of failure of sabotage or internet-sourced network communication, it can work with GSM / GPRS module or fixed line module, which can be used in addition, to prevent possible communication interruptions. It provides a much faster, safer, and more stable communication.

Like other Teknim Pars Series panels, it meets the security needs of end users in an economical and stable way with its hardware designed with the latest technology components and its secure software developed by Teknim. Thanks to the RS-485 based communication protocol that enables communication between panel and keypad, it provides a much faster, safer, and more stable communication than
conventional systems even over long distances.

Pars series control panels have advanced protection circuits on the hardware against environmental factors that may prevent the system from working by generating high voltage and current. In this way, the system has been provided to work in a stable manner without deterioration for years. Thanks to its technology that extends the life of the battery, it measures many parameters such as temperature, voltage level, current level and provides long-lasting and stable operation by charging and discharging at certain times.