Universal Advanced GSM Module


  • 2 Zone Input
  • 1 PGM Output
  • Tip-Ring Connection
  • Power: 10-24VDC 300mA
  • Max. Consumption: 500mA
  • Avarage Consumption: 120mA
  • GSM Frequency: 850/900/1800/1900Mhz
  • Call Tone Frequency: 380 Hz
  • Operating Temperature: -20…+55C
  • Humidity: 0-%90

Other Informations

GSM Communicator Device is used with any brand of Alarm panel to send information to the alarm centers or users by using the GSM infrastructure in areas where there is no telephone line.

With the PSTN land line to be connected to the device, the Alarm panel will perform the necessary calls normally, and when the telephone line is disconnected, it will be able to reach the alarm center or the user without interruption with the GSM infrastructure.

There are 2 zone inputs on the device. These inputs can receive external triggers by sensing dry contact NC or NO. These inputs inform the user in the desired format (SMS / Call) in case of trigger detection. User information can be made with the previously recorded voice recording.