Intelligent Addressable Sounder & Flasher, Built-in Isolator



  • EN54-3, EN54-23 and EN54-17 Certified
  • Built-in Isolator
  • 97dB Sound level
  • 42 Different Sound Tone
  • 3 Different Sound Level Options
  • 3 Different Flasher Mode
  • 3 Different Brightness Mode
  • Red/White, transparent UL94 non-flammable poly carbonate plastic frame

Other Informations

Teknim TFS-1182 is an internal usage fire alarm sounder with flasher and can connect directly to loop line. It can be powered by loop line and has built-in isolator to protect the loop against shortcuts. TFS-1182 supports 42 different tone and 3 different flasher mode options.

TFS-1182 has aesthetic design and low power consumption and are suitable for use with all Teknim addressable fire alarm control panels.

TFS-1182 can be order as in two different color type; RED TFS-1182R or White TFS-1182W