Analogue Addressable Fire Alarm Panel, 1-2 and 4 Loop With Printer



» Technical personnel friendly easy installation and programming specifications
» Printing alarm, error and warning logs via on-board printer
» 1-2 and 4 Loops capacity
» Cable distance up to 2,5 Km per loop
» 240 device addressing capacity on each loop, total of 480 device addressing
» 72 zones that can be individually programmed
» Capacity up to total of 7.680 addressed devices and 1.152 zones by network structure (Using optional TFC-1208 Network module)
» 72 LED indicators signaling alarms and errors on the zone basis
» Easy to read, 240*64 wide LCD graphic display and user-friendly interface
» Display screen customizable with company logo, contact information, images, etc. (Via TFY-1000 Software)
» Network structure that can be extended up to 16 panels and operate as a single system via RS-485 based TdNET communication protocol developed specifically by Teknim engineers (using optional TFC-1208 Network Module)
» Each panel on network can be interconnected using up to 1 Km long cable
» Same level of accessibility and command sending to all panels via peer-to-peer communication network feature
» Uninterrupted and reliable data communication between loop card and end-units over power line thanks to FlashLink® communication protocol developed by Teknim

» Advanced panel programming and user-friendly system configuration via TFY-1000 software installed on a computer to be connected to panel over TCP/IP Ethernet (LAN/WAN).
» Graphic monitoring of 1 panel or a network of up to 16 panels as a single system on a map as well as managing some of the features such as evacuation, reset, siren/buzzer silencing via TFY-2000 monitoring Software developed specifically by Teknim software engineers.
» Remote panel monitoring and management via TFP-1240/TFP-1245 REPEATER PANEL WITH ANALOG ADDRESS connection (1 Km cable distance).

» Storing up to 12.000 events of alarms, errors and warnings with time-stamp on the memory.
» Exact identification of possible disconnection points on the line via bi-directional, smart loop control feature.
» In case a device on a loop is removed and reconnected on the line, missing device warning is quickly and automatically reset without further action on the panel.
» 4 each independent and delay addressable /monitored siren output. Connection up to 120 sirens without external supply if used with Teknim TFS-3192 siren.
» Detailed viewing of voltage/current information of panel and loop on the graphic LCD display of panel
» Night/day operation mode that can be programmed automatically or by user in order for alarm verification
» Siren delay time individually programmable for each zone
» Automatic detection of devices connected to the system, informing and prompting user via LCD screen, enabling easy inclusion of devices into the system
» New devices can be easily included in the loop via star connection in mandatory cases required for the project
» Multiple language support

Other Informations


TFP-21XX Series panel is a consumer and technician friendly fire detection panel with analog address designed for Harsh Environments. Each Teknim Panel can flawlessly communicate between detector and end-units at long distanced using FLASHLINK loop communication protocol developed by Teknim engineers. It also enables networking up to 16 panels via TdNET protocol and TFC-1208 network module developed genuinely. Thus, it can be operated as a single panel constituted of 16 panels and 7.680 end units. LCD graphic display on TFP-21XX Panels enables easy and quick viewing, understanding, interruption of errors and warnings and overall system use. Entire configuration and system design can be easily performed from the panel or using any computer via TFY-1000 configuration software supplied with the panel. Furthermore, all panel settings can be changed over internet using TCP/IP connection included in standard panel structure. Unauthorized access can be prevented via activation code application developed specifically for Teknim panels, ensuring system safety for both end-users and installer companies. There are 72 zone led indicators for faster identification of alarm zone, and for viewing alarms and errors faster and remotely particularly in factory and industrial environments. TFP-21XX panel with 1-2 and 4 loops and analog address is also equipped with a printer enabling printing of event log on paper if required. TFP-21XX series panels are designed in accordance with European Community standards.