Intelligent Addressable Multi Detector


» EN54-7, EN54-5 and EN54-17 Certified
» Detector supports optical smoke and heat sensing technologies
» Detector can be operating in 4 different types. Only Smoke, Only
» Heat, Smoke and Heat, Smoke or Heat
» Supports 2x LED indicators enables 360° view
» Supports Three different colors of indication by LEDs to individu ally display Status, Fire Alarm, Short-Circuit and Pollution (Blink Blue/Red/Fixed Blue/Yellow)
» 3 different detection sensitivities adjustable from the control panel and configuration software (High, Medium, Low)
» Special software algorithms to eliminate sudden dust, smoke, etc. which may cause faulty alarms
» Adaptive protection preventing faulty alarms by sampling the environment continuously
» Advanced pollution algorithm that continuously measures pollution level and warns the user from detector and panel
» Supports Parallel indicator connection terminals
» Easy to clean smoke chamber
» Aesthetic and elegant design fits any environment
» Optional Label apparatus can be installed to the bottom of detector base view detector address from distance

TFD-1270 detectors are uses combination of optical and heat detection technologies to sense fire and it can be connected two-wired loop circuit carrying both data and power. It uses FlashLink communication protocol to communicate Teknim Addressable control panels.

It has a series of algorithms to minimize faulty detections and provide pollution warning. Sensitivity levels are adjustable through control panel or configuration software. Smoke chamber can be easily removed for cleaning in case of possible pollutions in excessively dusty environments.

The operating logic of the detector can be selected from the control panel or software. Detector can be work as “Only Smoke”, “Only Heat”, “Smoke and Heat”, “Smoke or Heat”.
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