Network Module



* Supports Class A and Class B connections
* Ensures a reliable and logic data transmission via Ring and Bus topologies.
* Uses RS485 serial communication, and data transmission speed is 230.400bps.
* Same level of accessibility and command sending to all panels via peer-to-peer communication network feature
* Uses TdNET protocol which is a Multi-master, Token- Passing communication method developed by Teknim
* Master panel or host computer is not required, therefore system life is extended via elimination of single device dependency
* In case of network board failure, it by-passes board input and output connections and ensures network line continuity
* Network connection with maximum 16 panels
* Automatically included in the communication within 20 seconds after connection to the line, no further setting is required
* Enables monitoring of all networked panels from any panel
* Provides visual notification via error leds indicating open circuit direction or link led indicating connection status.
* It can be easily plugged to main board by connector and frame connection and operated

TdNET is a strong and reliable communication protocol developed to build a network among all products of Teknim. TdNET protocol defines Network and Data Link layers according to OSI (Open Systems Interconnection) defined by International Standard Organization. TdNET Protocol takes advantage of RS485’s differential feature and performs CRC control in order to prevent erroneous data transmission. Thus, data transmission is both reliable and capable of eliminating disturbances and high frequency effects that may interrupt communication.

225 different devices can inter-communicate via 8 bits of target and source address fields. Protocol supports both “Token Bus” and “Token Ring” topologies. Devices on a network line connected as “Token Ring” are capable of returning to “Token Bus” topology automatically in case of any breaks on the line.

Other Informations

TFC-1208 Network Module establishes a strong ring or bus network by inter-connecting 16 panels via TdNET protocol. Each network board can be connected to the panel or can be operated with a computer or other devices such as electronic board and used in extra applications thanks to snap-in feature. Use of RS485/Fiber optical converter is recommended in case the distance between devices is more than 1.000m or in zones with EMC problems.

In case system load needs to be distributed or in zones with multiple buildings, it can inter-connect all panels to build a ring or bus network and enable operation and control of the entire system as a single panel. Use of TdNET network board enables monitoring and control of 7.680 devices in a network system with 16 panels.