Repeater Panel With 72 Zone LED Indicator



* Easy to read, 240*64 wide LCD graphic display
* Bölge bazında alarm ve Error durumlarını gösteren 72X LED Gösterge
* User-friendly interface enables easy viewing of alarms, errors and warnings.
* Easy connection with the main panel
* Real-time, stabilized communication via RS-485 communication structure
* Cable connection distance up to 1 Km with main panel
* Robust body, stylish design

Other Informations

Teknim TFP-1245 repeater panel is developed to monitor and intervene fire detection systems from different points at large and medium scale enterprises. It can be connected approximately up to 1.000 meters distance from main panel over RS-485 communication layer. Slim and aesthetic design fits into any office environment, guard kiosk, reception desk zone. Power is supplied directly from panel without an external power supply. All features provided on the main panel are also available on the repeater panel. All 72 zones on a loop are displayed on LCD screen as well as LED indicator panel for 72 zones on TFP-1240 repeater panel.