Device Programming Module



* It can be connected to all Teknim addressable devices without additional cable set or device,
* It can be connected to all devices via special terminal end regardless of direction for programming,
* Enables fast-easy programming with single hand,
* Saves the last address in memory by “Memorize” feature and prevents double address errors,
* “Smart Waiting Time” feature switches the device to standby mode when not in use,
* It is used to write-read address, change existing addresses, read version, read serial number and production date and to display smoke detector pollution level.

Other Informations

TFCM-1801 device programming module, is developed to define address for end units such as detector, button, input-output module or to read defined addressed and firmware version. It is supplied from 9V (6LR61) battery. Practical menu interface and controls enable ease of use.