Addressable Conventional Zone and Siren Module


General Features

* EN54-18 Certified
* Adjustable short circuit, open circuit and alarm current values

* Adjustable reset time
* 32 detectors per zone and unlimited buttons
* Zone input information can be assigned as alarm, evacuate, fault, reset, silent
* Siren output can be activated in a zonal alarm, general alarm or fault conditions
* Two processor and isolated hardware design
* 2 LED indicators for power and communication / alarm
* Suitable for wall and rail mounting

Other Informations

General Information

TFM-1190 Analogue Addressable Conventional Zone and Siren Module, is a module designed to be used with TFP-12xx series addressable fire alarm panels and allows the use of conventional devices in the addressable system, which can transmit alarm and fault informations via the loop in a zonal sense and gives a siren output. For the conventional input status, the user can choose between the event types "Alarm, Evacuation, Reset, Silent, Fault, None". It is also possible to select from "Siren, General Siren, General Fault, Zonal Alarm, Zonal Siren, Zonal Fault, None" event types for siren output. The module has 24V external power supply input. The external supply is used for the supply of conventional devices and the siren outputs. The external supply is supervised for interruptions on power.

The TFM-1190 modules are addressed by the TFCM-1801 Addressing Module. With the use of the module, address repetition error is prevented. The addressed detector can be used quickly and easily by adding on a loop as described in the "TFP-12xx Series Analogue Addressable Fire Alarm Control Panel Installation & Operation Manual".