Addressable Natural Gas Detector (External Power)



* 85 dB Alarm Sound Level
* 2 Each LED indicators enabling viewing from all directions
* Insert type contact structure eliminating non-contact problems

Other Informations

This is a natural gas detector that can be connected to addressed fire detection systems and designed to be used with 12V-24V external supply. It is equipped with a 85dB on-board buzzer for audio warning, and with red/ yellow/green colored led indicators for visual warning. TFD-1170 detectors is addressed by TFCM-1801 Addressing Module. Use of the module eliminates repeated addresses. Alarm detection and filtering algorithm directly transmits precise and reliable natural gas alarm information to the panel. Output modules can check solenoid valves optional devices) in scenarios to be created via TFY-1000 system configuration software.

TFD-1170 detector installation requires TFD-0115 detector base. TFD-1170 addresses natural gas detector is suitable for ceiling and wall installations using TFD-0115 detector base.