Addressable Heat Detector (Fixed Heat and Heat Rise)



* EN54-5 Certified
* Designed with 2 NTCs to ensure more accurate and precise temperature measurement

* Detector supports A2S and A2E class
* Addressability with TFCM-1801 Device Programming-Addressing module (optional)
* 240 detector addressing in each loop
* 2 LED indicators enabling vision from all directions
* Two different colors of indication by LEDs to individually display error and alarm conditions (Blue/Red)

* LEDs which indicate operation of detector can be optionally deactivated
* Metallic cage and special protection circuit elements to increase EMC and LVD resistance and to prevent associated faulty alarms
* Insert type contact structure eliminating non-contact problems
* Parallel indicator light connection option
* Aesthetic and elegant design fits any environment
* Label apparatus that can be installed to the bottom of detector for easy viewing of detector address by technical personnel (Optional)

Other Informations

TFD-1260 Addressable heat detector uses heat detection technologies to sense fire. It has a series of algorithms developed to minimize erroneous detections and to provide pollution warning. It enables a flexible operation via configuration options provided on the panel.