Teknim Pars Series 4 Zone Alarm Control Panel, Onboard GSM-GPRS


• Onboard GSM/GPRS Module 
• 4+4 Programmable Zone
• 10X User Codes
• 256X Event Memory 6X User Numbers Support
• 2 different Alarm Monitoring Center Support (Ademco Contact ID, SIA)
• 2 Different ARC Number Support for each ARC
• 4X Partition Support • Manual and Auto Bypass Support
• 2 Weekly Programmable Calendar
• User Authorization Restriction
• Transformer Included in Panel Box
• Mobile Application Support (Android and IOS)
• Remote Control Support with Optional Modules

Other Informations

TEKNIM’s new generation alarm systems are designed to meet all users’ security expectations with their strong technical and functional features, technician and user-friendly structure and aesthetic design.

Teknim Intruder Alarm Systems meets the security needs of small homes and workplaces with advanced functional features and accessible costs. While providing the security and ease of use required by the end user, it provides technicians who install these systems with convenient and fast installation and commissioning.

Teknim’s new generation of alarm systems operates on two different bus lines: Internal BUS and External BUS. Thanks to the RS-485 based communication protocol, it can provide a fast and secure internal communication structure over long distances with products such as communication modules and Keypad. All panel and modular communication units have advanced protection circuits for high voltage and current exposure. Batteries measure many parameters such as temperature, voltage level and current level and ensure long life by charging and discharging at certain times.

TSP-5324 Control Panel is design with built-in GSM / GPRS module to eliminate extra costs especially in places where there is no land line or in need of safer communi-cation. If the PSTN line cannot be used, TSP-5324 Control Panel with integrated GSM / GPRS module can be used instead of adding GSM / GPRS module to the system.

One of the most important features of Teknim’s new ge-neration alarm systems is its Mobile Application support, which allows users to control their own security whe-never they want, from anywhere in the world. With the Cloud-based mobile application solution of Teknim, it is possible to take instant information about the status of the alarm system and, if necessary, to arm and disarm the system.