Loop Board



* FlashLink protocol developed by Teknim is used between loop board and end units
* 240 end unit capacity per loop
* Internal short-circuit protection feature
* Class A and Class B connection support
* Switch structure for loop board address
* Configuration from the panel or PC software
* Status indicator leds which display communication direction and errors
* Easy installation via socket and frame connection on the main board
* Low power consumption thanks to the advantages of Flashlink protocol
* High EM/EMC performance

FlashLink is an uninterrupted and reliable communication protocol developed by Teknim, facilitating data communication between loop board and end units over power line. Protocol supports multiple frame structures. This enables flexible and fast transmission of data. Fast data speed enables a quick scanning time. Emergency package feature enables detection of fire in less than 1,5 seconds

Other Informations

TFC-1201 Loop board facilitates communication with end-units over supply line using FlashLink protocol. It has a control capacity of 240 end units. TFC-1201 supports Class A and Class B connections. This enables ease of installation and operation in the field. (if more than 32 end units are used in Class B connection structure, system will be out of EN54-2 coverage.) It works in full compliance with Teknim addressable products. It is used to add more end units to the system by increasing loop number of TFP-1211 and TFP-1221 Control Panels. It is included in the system by making socket and frame connection on the main board.